Josh Powell

I believe in a city government that works for the people, by the people.

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Hello I am Josh Powell and I am running for city council in Westland, Michigan. I am getting into politics to serve the people in my city not to change careers. I served in the military and work in I.T. and I plan on still working in I.T. if I get elected because it’s not meant to be a full time job and I don’t want to be beholden to anyone, I believe very strongly in the principle of citizen legislators over career politicians.
My goal for the city of Westland is simple, remove governmental barriers to entry for businesses, investors and especially everyday citizens. Whether that is lowering taxes, removing city laws and codes that inhibit businesses from building or opening in one of the many empty buildings or lots around the city or simply allowing the people to have a garage sale without asking the city for permission I want to make Westland a safe, friendly, welcoming and free place for all.
I am running for city council in the city of Westland, Michigan. I want to fight for the regular every day citizen who just wants wants to have minimal government intrusion in their lives and live in a safe community with low taxes.